The Disciplinary committee of ShSMC consists of the following members:

Principal of the college                      : Chairman

Director of ShSMCH                          : Ex- Officio- Member

All Professors of the college             : Member

As and when necessary in a demanding situation, the Disciplinary committee may invite other teachers of the college for discussion and decision.


  1. To discuss and take decisions regarding fixing responsibility and awarding punishment/ penalty for violation of the college and academic discipline by the students.
  2. To discuss and suggest ways and means for improving discipline of the college.
  3. To advise the Principal regarding any administrative matter that may help the over-all discipline and atmosphere in the college.

Activities for Disciplinary Committee:

  1. The Principal will call the meeting of the Committee required.
  2. Recommendation of the committee should be reached by the Principals.
  3. The decisions of the Disciplinary Committee are to be implemented by the Principal.
  4. The principal may, when consider or necessary, refer the decisions of the committee to the college Academic Council and/or to other authority before implementing the decisions given by the committee.